Audio-visual performance using feedback and two plastic tubes


Video Konzerthaus Vienna 2006


Werner Moebius: Sound link CV

Billy Roisz: Video ilink CV








Werner Moebius works simultaneously on a digital and analog level. That means real-time composition oscillating between conceptual sound work and improvisation with the spatial specifics. From digital equipment he plays loops and samples, which are influenced by various filters by duration of time. At the same time, he uses a prepared plastic tube as an acoustic interface for catching arising sound architectures on the analog level. A microphone inside the tube and special devices serve for generating monochrome sound escapades and bizarre feedback loops which return to the space.

Billy Roisz works at the same time with the analog arising audio feedbacks. She uses a video mixer, camcorder and TV screen on a visual level and produces optical loops in a semi-digital context. The acoustic feedback circulations are manipulated by editing tools of the video mixer and through movements of the camcorder which is permanently focusing on the screen. The outcomes are bizarre imploding visual loops. Billy Roisz specializes in feedback video and video/sound interaction using monitors, cameras, video mixingdesks, a selfbuilt videosynth, computer and turntables for video and sound generating.