PLASTICTUBE link to PLASTIC TUBES (with Billy Roisz)

Sound performance / Wasserturm Vienna / 2003



Video & stills: Marika Ràkóczy

Photo Wasserturm: Georg Riha


"Plastictube" consists of 4 parts:

Sound performance, Liverecording, CD-ROM and installation.


Sound performance:

"Plastictube" is performed in an empty water container into a water tower under special site specific conditions. The conceptual idea is to use the unique conditions in the container as an acoustic analogy to the hydrostatic principal of communicating vessels. I work simultaniously on a digital and analog level. That means realtime composition oscillating between conceptional sound preparation and improvisation with the spacial specifics. From digital equipment I play loops and samples which I influence by various filters by duration of time. At the same time I use a prepared plastictube for catching arising sound-architectures on the analog level. A microphone inside the tube and special devices serve for generating monochrome sound escapades and bizarre feedbackloops which return into the space.


The performance will be recorded on an acoustical and visual level. ( Audio: microphones in the container, harddisk- recording / Video: miniDV )


Immediatly after the performance there is following a production of a CD-ROM in a limited edition of 100 numbered and signed copies from parts of the liverecording.


On the scene of the performance there is a permanent mixed-media-installation, from which the audience will be able to copy a multiple by itself and take it away for free.

Werner Moebius 2003